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Sherford Vale School and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

Our trip to the Zoo by Year 3 and 4

Dartmoor Zoo



On Friday 23rd March Sherford Vale School visited Dartmoor Zoo!

We had an incredible, fun-filled day exploring the park and learning about all of the animals there.


We discovered a world of real-life super heroes where super powers are not just in the movies. We learnt about a super strong, punching manta shrimp, a camouflaging chameleon and how an octopus can squeeze through the smallest of holes because they have no bones!

We were even lucky enough to have a ‘Close Encounters’ session where everyone had the opportunity to hold a friendly gecko, stroke a lively python and say hello to Shelly the tortoise.

Lastly, we spent some time with lions, tigers and cheetahs! These big cats link really well with our topic work as we have been learning all about ferocious predators and meat-eating carnivores. The children loved getting up close with these fascinating mammals and watching Jasiri the lion hunt for his food.


We had a great day!

Year 3/4