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Sherford Vale School and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

What a great week!

So much creativity in the school this week.

Year 5 have been investigating a disturbance in their classroom and interviewing the staff in the school. 

They have also been looking into the problems with the outdoor play equipment to report back to the children.  Year 2 have been learning about Pancake day ready for our Pancake event on Tuesday 25th February (details below). 

Year 1 have been thinking about and observing changes in how plants grow.  Year 4 have been creating some amazing abstract art work based on their topic of mountains. 

The week has been concluded by a visit from Robert Falcon Scott in Year 4 and Year 6.  Thank you to Sarah Baines for her talk on Dyslexia.