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Emotional Logic

Emotional Logic

What is it?

Emotional Logic is a personal development tool that supports children of all ages to improve emotional intelligence in difficult situations. It makes sense of unpleasant emotions. Children can then harness that emotional energy to face life’s challenges, build emotional resilience and embrace change.

Life can be difficult, and everyone struggles at times to know how to deal with unexpected challenges. Emotional Logic provides a range of unique practical tools that help children to unlock their emotional turmoil and release their energy to move on. 

Emotional Logic at Sherford Vale School

At Sherford Vale, we recognise that effective learning is underpinned by feeling safe and understood. Learning Emotional Logic helps pupils make sense of their emotions. It helps them to feel safe, heard and valued. Through whole-class and individual sessions, children learn effective, non-aggressive ways to negotiate. Ultimately, relationships at all levels improve and pupils are ready to learn at a more rapid pace.

At Sherford Vale, children are supported by Emotional Logic in two ways. The first is through whole-class teaching in Year 4, 5 and 6. These KS2 sessions take place at the start of an academic year, with children making links to their own experiences, and, coupled with racy, develop their communication in relation to expressing and discussing their emotional responses.

The second is through referrals for one-to-one sessions that are made through MAST. Children then have a 6 to 8-week course of 45-minute sessions, which focus on naming and managing emotions in a variety of different situations, supporting children to self-regulate and engage successfully with their learning. 

Staff at Sherford Vale have also undertaken Emotional Logic training to how to recognise the impact of trauma on behaviour and deal with this in practical terms. Using Emotional Logic throughout the school has improved communication, reduced incidents of aggressive behaviour and helped build emotional resilience.

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