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Sherford ValeSchool

Owl Class

Welcome to Owl class, we are the Year 6 children of the school. Miss Broadhead is the teacher of Owl class and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Vaughan, who we share with year 5.

This term our topic is Frozen Kingdom. We will be looking at the features of polar regions. We will be learning about:

  • Longitude and latitude
  • Identifying the polar regions
  • Comparing similarities and differences between the two polar regions
  • Comparing temperatures of the Arctic and Antarctic
  • Looking at the famous polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott

Last term, our topic was ID. We looked at our fingerprints and how they are individual. We also looked at the relationship between our arm span and height. We also had an interesting debate about whether children should be microchipped or not.

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Look below to find what exciting things we will be learning this term, any additional information and extra resources.


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