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Sherford ValeSchool

Owl Class

Welcome to Owl class, we are the Year 6 children of the school. Miss Broadhead is the teacher of Owl class and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Vaughan, who we share with year 5.

This term our topic is World at War! Continuing our learning from last term, we will be looking at World War II, with a focus on History. We will:

  • Timeline key events from World War II.
  • Learn about The Blitz and create a survival guide.
  • Listen and analyse the Queen's first broadcast. We will then create our own speeches to perform to the class.
  • Come to school dressed as WW11 children.
  • Look at the importance of propaganda and design our own.
  • Read Rose Blanche and discuss issues in the text.
  • Create poppy artwork and bake some WWII recipes and much more!

Last term...

 Our Topic was World at War. We focused mainly on Geography. We did lots of great learning:

  •  We looked at why Plymouth was a targeted area during the war.
  •  Where Plymouth was bombed during World War II.
  •  Compared Plymouth during World War II to now.
  •  Looked at where children evacuated to and why.
  •  Visited Crown Hill Fort to understand its role during both wars.
  • Designed and created Anderson shelters and tested them.

Look below to find what exciting things we will be learning this term, any additional information and extra resources.

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