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Sherford Vale School and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery




Susie Evans

Head Teacher

Senior Leadership Team 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Emma Barrett

Office Manager, 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Douglas Langford

Business Accountant

Hannah Biggs

Admin Assistant

Greg Chantler

Assistant Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team 

Year 6 Class Teacher Owl Class

Catherine Nuttall

Year 5 Class Teacher Deer Class

Science Leader

Pete Grafton

SENDCO (Senior Leadership Team)

Year 4 Class Teacher Badger Class

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Suzi Mills

Year 3 Class Teacher Fox Class

Art and DT Leader/Clubs Coordinator



Katie Brown

Year 2 Class Teacher Otter Class

Maths Leader

Sophia Parr

Year 1 Class Teacher Rabbit Class



Lauren Ramsey


EYFS/KS1 Lead (Senior Leadership Team) 

Foundation Class Teacher Hedgehog Class

Safeguarding Officer

English/RWI Lead/Oracy Lead





Karin Rhodes

Foundation Class Teacher Squirrel Class



Rebecca Churchley




Apprentice Teacher Squirrel Class

Helena Irving


PPA Teacher

Music Leader


Charlotte Tucker



PPA Teacher

Abbi Chantler



Claire Menyena


Nursery Manager

Safeguarding Officer

Sam Wright

Nursery Apprentice Duckling Class

Rebecca Garden

Teaching Assistant Duckling Class


Rachel Hambleton

Teaching Assistant Hedgehog Class


Tracey Lintern



Teaching Assistant Hedgehog Class


Gemma Walters

Teaching Assistant Squirrel Class

Stacie Barrett


Year 1 Teaching Assistant Rabbit Class

Verity Bennett

Year 2 Teaching Assistant Otter Class


Louise Baines

Year 2 Teaching Assistant Otter Class

Vicky Davis



Year 3 Teaching Assistant 


Rose Descombe

Year 5 Teaching Assistant Deer Class

Grace Regan

Year 3 Teaching Assistant Fox Class

Lisa-Marie Green 

Year 4 Teaching Assistant Badger Class

Linda Vaughan

Year 6 Teaching Assistant 



Year 5 Teaching Assistant Deer Class


Andrea Bramble 

Kitchen Manager (Devon Norse)

Before/After school club Assistant

Sarah Harvey

Catering Assistant (Devon Norse)

Wrap Around Care Assistant

Alex Wardle


Ann Cleary

Cleaner, MTA