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Sherford Vale School

Sherford ValeSchool

Sherford ValeSchool

Staff (september 2019)

Helen Tipping

Executive Primary Principal

Carla Bennett Head Teacher Designated Safeguarding Lead
Emma Barrett

Senior Administrator, Enhanced First Aider

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Douglas Langford Business Accountant

Catherine Broadhead

Year 6 Teacher

Helena Edwards

Year 5 Teacher

Rachel May Year 4 Teacher
Aimee O'Neill Year 3 Teacher
Katie Brown Year 2 Teacher

Peter Grafton 

Year 1 Teacher, Senco

Lauren Ramsey

Early Years Teacher

Suzi Mills Additional Teacher    PPA Cover and Interventions
Alice Elliott

Teaching Assistant, Meal Time Assistant, First Aider

Deputy Safeguarding

Rachel Hambleton Early Years Teaching Assistant, Meal Time Assistant

Katheryne Jones

Teaching Assistant, Meal Time Assistant

Nicky Broome

Meal Time Assistant

Liz Lancaster

Nursery, Before and After School Club Manager

Deputy Safeguarding

Kerry Holgate Nursery, After School Club
Liz Farmer Nursery, Before School Club
Andrea Bramble  Kitchen Manager (Devon Norse)
Lindsey Spooner Catering Assistant (Devon Norse)

Nic Morgan

Cleaner in Charge