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Sherford Vale School and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

Sherford ValeSchool and Nursery

Viking Day!

Viking Day!

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The children thoroughly immersed themselves in the history of the Vikings, and were led on this journey by their very own Viking guide, Ulf!

They learned about how Vikings lived, including using each and every part of the animals they hunted, creating arrow heads from bone and crafting beaded jewellery.

They explored Viking weaponry, which involved taking part in shield walls, testing chainmail, trying on Viking headwear and handling swords, axes and spears (safely of course!)

They learned about the importance of the Viking longboat and how it made crossing the North Sea from Scandinavia much easier than bobbing about in little boats!

They also had the opportunity to bury a Viking warrior after poor Noah the Bloodaxe was slain on the battlefield!

We ended the day with a play about the God of War, Thor and the trick he, Freya and Odin played on the frost giants in order to get his mighty hammer back!


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